Family Law


The decisions to separate from one’s spouse and to divorce will have a lasting effect on your personal and financial future. We encourage clients to work with their spouse in reaching a settlement that is acceptable to both parties with respect to asset and debt division and, when appropriate, incorporates a parenting plan and support terms in the best interests of the parties’ children.

We recognize that amicable settlement agreements aren’t always possible. We will present you with a realistic picture of your situation and offer options that meet your personal and financial goals. Our firm has extensive courtroom experience and is willing, when necessary, to take your case to trial to protect your rights and obtain a favorable outcome.


Each parent bears his or her share of financial responsibility to their children and are obligated to provide financial support for their children whether the children live with that parent or not. Additionally, after parties separate from one another, each is entitled to have the opportunity to continue the lifestyle they shared during their union, regardless of that party’s ability to earn. We are experienced in the legal complexities of California guidelines for child support/child custody and the factors used by courts in determining spousal support.


We recognize your desire to continue your child-rearing role with minimal disruption to your children’s lives. We will provide guidance for custody and child-related matters, always with your child’s best interests in mind. We pledge to resolve custody, visitation and support issues, in the best interests of you and your children.

Sometimes a child’s parents become unable or otherwise unsuitable to be the proper caregivers for that child and another relative or a family friend wishes to act as the child’s guardian. We will help you obtain the legal authority to act in your child’s best interests.


We aggressively pursue restraining orders for victims of domestic violence and their children. We also provide representation to domestic violence victims in other related legal actions, including divorce, legal separation, paternity, custody and support matters.


The Law Offices of Ian S. Topf, APC represents clients throughout San Diego County, including all branches of the Superior Court of San Diego (San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Vista, Kearny Mesa and Ramona). Our office is centrally located in Mission Valley