What Happens in Small Claims Court?

Clients sometimes come to my office regarding a claim they have on a defaulted personal loan or they want to retrieve a security deposit from a landlord or have some other matter where money is due them. In many cases, the amount they claim is too small to warrant being handled in acivil court ofContinue reading “What Happens in Small Claims Court?”

Tenants’ Rights When a Property is Sold or Goes into Foreclosure

I’m often asked by tenants what they can do if the house they’re renting is about to be sold by the landlord or is headed for foreclosure. Here’s information that should prove helpful to you in these situations: In California, landlords wishing to sell their rental property are required to notify tenants in writing ofContinue reading “Tenants’ Rights When a Property is Sold or Goes into Foreclosure”

What Are My Rights As A Tenant?

Here’s a situation I encounter frequently. Tenants renting a house or apartment say they’ve called the landlord repeatedly to repair something or clean up pests of some kind, and nothing gets done. What can they do? Under California law, every residential tenancy, whether under a written lease or otherwise, is subject to a landlord’s warrantyContinue reading “What Are My Rights As A Tenant?”

Are You A Tenant Moving Out? What You Need To Know About Security Deposits

Lately, I have been getting requests regarding terminating a tenancy. What is a tenant to do when facing the end of their lease or if there’s a desire either by the landlord or tenant to terminate the lease early? More importantly, and the most frequently asked question on this matter:  what’s going to happen toContinue reading “Are You A Tenant Moving Out? What You Need To Know About Security Deposits”

You Have Rights When It Comes to Your Security Deposit

As every renter knows, a security deposit is the amount of money a landlord usually requires at the beginning of a lease, in order to protect him or her in the event that a tenant breaks the terms of a lease agreement. Depending on the terms of the lease, the security deposit is usually heldContinue reading “You Have Rights When It Comes to Your Security Deposit”